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Ferry To Nova Scotia – Which One To Choose?

Ferry To Nova Scotia

Ferry service linking the United States with Nova Scotia was in place for over 100 years until many factors contributed to it being discontinued a few years ago. It used to be that you could hop on cruises from Bar Harbor, Maine or Boston or Portland and make the trip over to Nova Scotia by boat.

Nova Scotia Cruises From Boston, New York and Maine

Nova Scotia Cruises

Nova Scotia is a Province filled with Maritime lore, fascinating history and natural beauty like no other. Many Nova Scotia cruises from Boston and New York stop at several ports of call, most popular among the cruise lines being Halifax and Sydney.

With New England and Canada cruises offered by over ten different cruise lines

Cruises From Quebec City – River and Sea!

Cruises From Quebec City

Cruises from Quebec City allow you to take advantage of both the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Ocean so you get a taste for both ocean and river sailing at the same time. River sailing allows for you to see the coastline, watch whales and see the ever changing St. Lawrence while being out on the ocean allows you the salty air, the larger waves and the experience of being out ‘at sea’.

Top 10 Canada Cruise Deals

Canada Cruise Deals

Canada is blessed with oceans on both the east and west coast that offer the cruise enthusiast a wide range of destinations to choose from. With both the Maritimes to the east and the gateway to Alaska in the west, Canada cruise deals can be had from either coast. Here are the top 10.