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Argentina Cruises Are Very Popular – But Are They Safe?

Argentina Cruises

In recent years, some regions of South America have grown to have a negative reputation for crimes against tourists. Argentina has worked diligently to reverse that negative aspect and is welcoming tourist with open arms to come experience the warm culture that is, viva Argentina. Wondering whether Argentina cruises are safe? Read on where we provide more info on the subject.

Chile Cruises From Valparaiso – What To Expect?

Chile Cruises

Every vacation you plan from this point forward, expect to have the adventure of a lifetime. However, making the decision to set sail on a Chilean cruise to South America is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Almost with any Chile cruise your expectations will be superseded. Valparaiso, Chile is such a beautiful part of the world, known best for their carefully cultivated wine regions and fertile central valleys.