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Top 10 Things to Do in Banana Coast Cruise Port

Banana Coast Cruise Port

Banana Coast cruise port only recently came into existence, with the area being devoted largely to exportation of commodities like bananas until major cruise lines saw an opportunity for their guests to enjoy the people and the environment here while aboard Western Caribbean cruises. As a result, the availability of things to do in Banana Coast is slowly changing and expanding as cruise lines’ offerings become more diverse and abundant.

5 Best Banana Coast Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Banana Coast Shore Excursions

Trujillo, the town at the center of the Banana Coast, is a very new destination for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises. The industry has spent a fortune preparing the area for curious travelers so that they may see and explore the amazing diversity of environments, culture and living creatures here.

5 Best Banana Coast Honduras Tours for Adventure Seekers

Banana Coast Honduras Tours

The cruise port located on the Banana Coast in the country of Honduras is new, and has only very recently started catering to tourists aboard Western Caribbean cruises. The allure to this area is one of both history and culture as famed explorer Christopher Columbus touched down near Trujillo some centuries ago. In addition as its name would suggest, the area is home to a thriving local culture that relies for the large part on the export of bananas, a fruit which the country lead in terms of exportation for the bulk of the 20th century.